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Why Hollywood Property Owners Prefer Evolve Contractors

  • Track Record of Dependable Commercial Construction Services
  • Complete Spectrum of Commercial & Industrial Construction Services
  • Safety & Safety Programs Are a TOP Priority on EVERY Jobsite
  • World-Class Customer Service – We are There When You Need Us
  • EPA, OSHA, LEED, NACE, and SSPC Certified
  • Lead Safe Certified Firm
  • Projects Completed on Time and Within Budget
  • We Can Handle Any Size Project With Speed & Efficiency
  • We Deliver Competitive & Affordable Bids
  • No Money Down 100% Financing Available
  • No Obligation On-Site FREE Consultations
  • Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly Practices
  • Fully Licensed & Insured Local Company
  • We Take the Time to Find Out What You Need & Want
  • We Don’t Cut Corners at Your Expense!
  • Commercial Contractors Who Pay Attention to Detail
  • We Use Only High-Quality Long-Lasting Materials
  • Professional Expert Advice & Custom Construction Solutions

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Evolve Contractors™ – Competitive & Affordable Pricing Guaranteed!

  • Are you tired of commercial construction companies conconfusing you with hard to understand contracts and/or hidden costs?
  • Are you looking for a dependable local construction contractor who can provide you with honest upfront bid proposals with built-in loss protections?

Then look no further! At Evolve Contractors™ we offer guaranteed affordable and competitive pricing with no hidden fees or confusing contracts. Our transparent bidding process ensures you know you are getting the best balance of both price and quality.

As an established local contractor with decades of experience we know the unique needs of commercial / industrial construction clients. Our leadership retains over 120 years collective experience serving local commercial and industrial businesses.

Because we are established, and because we have an extensive network of reliable subcontractors in the industry, we are able to offer strategic bidding from the best local construction companies in the area. That means you get the best quality at the best price.

How Do We Get the Best
Bid Pricing?

To get the best balance of quality and price we use our extensive local network of trusted, skilled and dependable subcontractors. These construction subcontractors are vetted against multiple criteria of quality and reliability such as:

  • Speed of Work & Consistency of Speed
  • Quality of Work & Craftsmanship
  • Track Record of Reliability
  • Bid Price and Terms of Contracts
  • Must be Fully Licensed & Insured to Work in LA
  • And more!

Our experience working with these subcontractors ensures we can single out the best of the best. We can do this because we have dealt with them over many years. So we know how they operate. We know who provides consistent quality work and who does not. We know who is overcharging and who is providing a fair competitive price. That means you can let us put our experience and connections to work for you.

The quality of a commercial general contractor can only be as good as the subcontractors and employees they utilize. We will use only the top commercial & industrial subcontractors in Hollywood.

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About Our Commercial & Industrial Construction Services:

Does your Hollywood commercial property need an upgrade or addition? We offer a full-spectrum of commercial & industrial construction services to meet your individual company needs.

For all your commercial & industrial remodeling (or new construction projects) consult the trusted experts at Evolve Contractors™! See below for a sample list of some of our popular construction contracting services.

The Best in Full-Service Commercial
General Contracting & Remodels

  • Complete Architectural Designing Services
  • Complete Structural Engineering Services
  • Hotel Remodeling & Construction
  • Apartment Remodeling & Construction
  • Condo Remodeling & Construction
  • Restaurant Remodeling & Construction
  • Commercial Pool Remodeling Services
  • Office Remodels & Construction
  • Commercial Kitchen Remodeling
  • Commercial Restroom Remodels
  • Educational Facilities Construction
  • Additions for Single Rooms or Full Building Construction
  • Fire & Safety Code Compliance Services
  • Eco-Friendly Upgrades & Green Building
  • Construction & Remodeling for Industrial Facilities
  • Food Industry Projects Remodeling or Construction
  • New Construction Contractor Services
  • Project Management for Commercial & Industrial
  • Commercial & Industrial General Contracting
  • Interior & Exterior Construction or Remodeling Services
  • & more!

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Financing Available for Your Commercial or Industrial Construction Projects

Evolve Contractors™ is able to offer additional financing and funding options to our qualified construction or commercial remodeling clients!

Our professionals will work with you to find the best solutions for your specific situation and to help you secure the additional funding you need to get your project moving.

If you are looking to renovate or build your commercial or industrial space, we can help steer your project in a direction to allow you to qualify for the best local financing programs! Let us make the process fast and easy!

Find out today if you
qualify for:

  • 100% No Money Down Financing
  • No Credit Check Required
  • Competitive Rates
  • Federal Tax rebates
  • Energy Saving Rebates
  • Special Financing Programs
  • Government Programs
  • And more!

Instead of spending your time with endless hours of researching we can do the heavy lifting for you. Our goal is to help you fund your commercial, or industrial remodeling and construction projects!

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  • #1 Most Dependable in Hollywood: We hire only reliable trustworthy subcontractors and have a track record of finishing jobs on time and on budget
  • Affordable Bidding: Our bidding process and extensive local subcontractor network of high-quality trustworthy companies gives us the pricing advantage!
  • Tax Rebates & Benefits: We can help you take advantage of many little known financial benefits such as federal tax rebates, energy rebates, and more
  • Customized Commercial / Industrial Solutions: Our decades of experience working with Commercial & Industrial clients in Hollywood Los Angeles means we know what you want and need from a construction remodeling contractor
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: Real people to walk you through the entire process from start to finish
  • 100% No Money Down Financing: We can help you secure financing for your commercial or industrial project
  • Affordable Pricing: Compare rates with other commercial remodel contractors
  • Local Customer Support: Local support from your team at Evolve Contractors™. Our decades of service provides a track record showing how we stand behind our work.
  • Stress-Free Process: We make your project experience a easier and offer expert advice and consultations on your best available construction or renovation options.
  • Eco-Friendly Construction: We use latest in green construction practices and materials.

“The Commercial Contractor Hollywood
Business Owners Trust Most!”

Go Green With Evolve Contractors™

Paying attention to the environmental impact of our commercial /industrial construction processes (and the materials used) is something we have been passionate about for a long time.

In fact, we consider it duty as a company to help protect the planet and the health of our communities through sustainable development. We are therefore fully committed to utilizing GREEN Innovation and eco-friendly practices and products wherever available.

We are also doing our part to encourage clients to take advantage of the many financial benefits of building green. With GREEN money-saving local initiatives and programs we can direct our clients to take advantage of little known financing and rebate opportunities.

Contact us today to find out about both government funded and private financing programs. We can direct you to programs offered exclusively in your area for energy saving commercial or industrial remodel projects.

At Evolve Contractors™ We Make the Process Easy and Stress-Free!

Our trusted team of construction professionals will help you get the job done fast and efficiently.

With Evolve Contractors™ You Get:

  • FREE On Site Consultations With a Construction Expert
  • Dependable Contractors Who Care About Our Impact on the Environment and in Our Communities
  • Financing & Tax Rebates for Qualified Customers
  • The Best Customer Service in the Industry
  • No Money Down 100% Financing Options
  • Affordable Competitive Bids
  • Fully Licensed & Insured Local Construction Contractor

With over 120 years collective experience serving the area, we are the go-to commercial & industrial contractors for Hollywood property owners!

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Our remodel & construction professionals are ready to tackle your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable rates and professional commercial general contractor services!

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